Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sad sight

I was very excited to get our solar panel so we could try and hook it up.  But when I opened the package today the glass had shattered into a million tiny sharp little pieces.  You can see where it got dropped or slammed into something somewhere along the road.  Kinda bummed that we have to keep waiting on this.  We are otherwise really, really close to being done and itching to move in.

I wanted to give a couple other updates on some previous posts:

-All my talk about moon time and my second period came 6 weeks after the first!  Pretty sure my hormones are still regulating themselves and I'm still breastfeeding A LOT.  95% sure my period started again because I was trying to nightwean Georgia, but I decided it was too early so the frequency of feeding picked back up.

-Water only washing update: I have gone back to shampoo, about once a week.  My hair seems to require constant experimentation, and I still don't feel totally satisfied with my routine.


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    1. So much truth in this spam! Big is natural beauty! NO HESITATION in front of true love!!!

  2. I have been using baking soda on my hair lately, it is great! Just scrub your scalp with a baking soda and water paste. Then use apple cider vinegar with water on the ends.