Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Getting close now...

Here's some of the latest pictures of the trailer, although we have a lot more done now.  If you have an iphone and want more up to the minute trailer updates, you can follow me on instagram, I'm "dunniedun".

Soooo, here are the beds and the kitchen counter.  There's a toilet seat there because I was getting ready  to make our composting/sawdust toilet.  You can see the cork floor here too.

Installing the cork floor was a fairly easy process.  Cutting the edges to size was the hardest part.  I ended up having to special order the adhesive ("water based latex contact adhesive") because no stores carried it around here.  Well worth it though, as it was really easy to use and any extra came up easily within 24 hours.  There were a couple spots we didn't get up within 24 hours so there's a sticky section by the door.  I think we'll just put a rug there.

We used e-track for the beds.  Pretty easy to install also.  Here I'm making sure the 2x4's line up.

Miles is a good driller, I'm getting there.