Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm nearly spent

There's like $2.17 left on the gift card that is my SANITY.  Searching for the perfect trailer is taking it out of me.
The trailer I thought was "the one" was apparently owned by a guy who likes to put stuff up on craigslist and string potential buyers along for a couple weeks, and then decides not to sell.

So after I was through with all the craigslist dicking around, buying new sounded like a great idea.  Except I forgot I would be dealing with a salesman and there would be even more dicking around.

So now I'm back to craigslist, checking every major city in a 300 mile radius to find what we are looking for.

Send me trailer finding energy, send me "you're not crazy" energy, send me whatever leftover positive energy you have laying around.  (Yes, I realize this is just the beginning....)

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