Monday, April 9, 2012

Small projects to bide my time

I swear once I have more stuff to post about, I'll make entries more often.  We have possibly found "the" trailer, but the owner has it filled up with furniture and we have to wait for him to unload it.  I'm super anxious to get started on that.

In the meantime-in-between time, I'm trying to come up with little projects for myself.

1. Night weaning the baby!  Hoping she'll start sleeping better soon.

2. Easter Eggs-we decorated with markers.

3. Trying to come up with as many storage ideas as possible.  This one is based on those hanging stuffed animal holders, the white plastic chain with the little clips on it.  I just took a cotton rope I had, tied some knots in it, and slid a black paper clip thing on the rope after each knot.  It's got 6 clips, and it can hold anything that's not too heavy.

4. I'm making my very first batch of kimchi tonight!  Following these instructions.  I've recently become addicted to store bought kimchi (which is like $7 a small jar), so I need to figure out how to make my own.  Hoping it works cause I'm fiendin!

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