Saturday, April 21, 2012

Back on Moon-time

Because I've fairly successfully night weaned Georgia (she doesn't eat from 8 PM to 3 or 4 AM), my period came back!  I've been excited to get back on moon-time for awhile now.  It is insanely incredible that our monthly cycles line up exactly with the moon (if yours don't, get a lunar calendar and start observing the moon at night, your body should take care of the rest)!  So sad that we live in a culture where this is not more celebrated.
One of my favorite books where this topic is discussed at some length is Hawk Woman Dancing With the Moon: Sacred Medicine for Today's Woman by Tela Star Hawk Lake.

She talks about giving yourself alone, quiet, restful, meditative time when you start your period (do as much as you can within the confines of our culture).  So I am trying to do that.
Here's a good video I found on youtube last night (I must have known I was about to start my period), Russell Means talking about women/matriarchy/moon-time:


  1. You are wonderful.
    The moon thinks so too.

    Moon sistas

    1. Aww, yes, most definitely! And thank you. <3