Monday, May 14, 2012

Visitor/No Fridge

This guy hung out with me in the back yard most of the day.  I saw him hiding in some bushes when I got home, so I gave him some water and some beef jerky I made.  He was super sweet and marking his territory in our yard like nobody's business.  He stayed with me for about 4 hours and then left, I hope he found his way home.  Can't wait to get a dog once we are settled.

Also wanted to mention we are officially fridge-less, have been for almost a month now.  The fridge quit working one day and we decided not to fix it since it would be good practice for trailer living.
It's been pretty easy so far, the only incident I've had has been with a bag of baby carrots.
Maybe I'll do a "recipe" post eventually, (I kind of hate recipes, a food idea post?).  Feel free to ask me questions if you have any.
I'm really hoping we get the trailer walls up this week!

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