Friday, February 24, 2012

Wish list

While we are getting rid of a ton of stuff now (gigantic yard sale at our house March 31st!), there are still a couple things on my "to buy/find list" right now.

1. Pressure Cooker-apparently this will cook stuff really fast, especially good for beans, potatoes, stock, rice.

2.  Plastic totes/any type of water containers-these plastic totes with the metal cage are usually around 275 gallons.  Of course, finding a big (1000-2000 gallon) cistern would be nice too, but I should probably wait until we're actually on our land to get one of those.

3. Luna Sandals-made for barefoot runner/minimalist shoe folks, but I just like how they look.  Plus you can get them custom made for your feet at no extra cost here.

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