Monday, January 9, 2012

Going electric-free

I've been thinking about leaving the house we build on the land totally electronic-free, and just having a solar panel set-up in a separate studio.  The reasons for this are two things: ease of set-up, and keeping electromagnetic radiation to a minimum where we sleep and spend most of our indoor time.

So, let's talk electronic appliances in our modern age and the alternatives to them:

Lights: I'm thinking candles, oil lamps, a couple stand alone solar powered lights (these would emit their own little electromagnetic field I'm sure, but I'm definitely in the "don't let perfect be the enemy of good" camp) like this one for reading and this one for general illumination.  Also, I'd like to make an attempt to just go to the bed when the sun goes down more often.

Dishwasher: hand wash dishes

Stove: use a gas powered stove, solar oven or an outdoor horno and firepit

Washer and Dryer:  This is one I'm kind of nervous about, but we have the tools to hand wash clothes (and I've done it a couple times).  A "breathing hand washer" from Lehman's, an old wash tub from the antique mall, soap nuts, and a 5 gallon bucket for rinsing.  Then you hang it up on the line or use an indoor drying rack on yucky weather days.  I'd also like to eventually plant some soap tree yuccas to use for soap.

Computer/Cell Phones: to be charged in the studio.  Don't see a way around this one yet.

Refrigerator:  See the "no-fridge list".  Also pot-in-pot coolers, root cellars, and keeping things outside in cooler months.

The only thing I'm really disappointed about not having in the house is the record player.  Maybe we'll get an old time crank one someday?

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  1. soap tree yuccas, now that sounds very good indeed! :)