Monday, December 5, 2011

Thrift store lists

Things I look for at the thrift store (and a couple things I found on a trip yesterday):

-Casual suits

An amazing silk shorts and top suit.   Always checking the "2-piece" section.


There is probably 3 or 4 yards here.


I have tons of baskets, not enough though, I suppose.  Shit just looks better in a basket.

Other stuff I usually look for:
-baby clothes, cause babies grow so fast it's very easy to justify buying them new clothes all the time
-feed sacks or any other old, soft fabric
-natural materials: wool sweaters, cotton, silk, linen, hemp, leather, fur.  I found a pair of leather pants in my size a couple weeks ago.  They're at the tailor being hemmed right now.
-and speaking of the leather pants-always looking for clothes that don't need to be washed!  My holy grail thrift store item is an old pair of jeans (levi's preferably) with no stretch that fit me well.
-quality items that I wouldn't be able to afford new, basically

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