Monday, November 28, 2011


I'm still getting the hang of using Google Sketch-up, but here are some rough outlines of the planned "Phase 1" building.  After we save enough money to build "Phase 2", this will become the music studio.   This building's interior is 14' x 22'.

In the above picture you are looking at (from left to right): the bedroom (pretty much the size of our king size bed), a 1.5' thick bookshelf, built-in couches (can double as guest beds), the coffee table which will be used for art making and dining while seated on the floor, a computer desk, a small wood stove, and a bench for taking off shoes.

From this angle, left to right, we're looking at the kitchen area, large shelf for food storage, and the bathroom with composting toilet and sink.  Above the bathroom and bedroom is a loft (with ladder) for the kids.

There will be a door on the bathroom!  Shower will be outdoors, as well as laundry facilities.  Imagine a lot more hooks and shelves on the walls as well.

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